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Little Shasta Elementary

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Little Shasta Elementary School

Letter from Mr. Clark

                   Little Shasta Elementary School - Est 1858

                           8409 Lower Little Shasta Rd. – Montague, Ca, 96064


             Little Shasta Elementary


           Thanksgiving Celebration

                        November 20th, 2020

          In an ongoing effort to make school fun during these trying times, we are planning for a “thankful” celebration that will bring our students and our staff even “closer together” while maintaining social distancing. Our main goal is to give students something to remember this year besides masks…


            Lunch is provided to all at no charge!

              (you can send a lunch if you wish your child not to partake)

          Thank You Parent’s Club!!




          Mashed Potatoes




          Cranberry sauce

          Pumpkin Pie & Whipped Cream

           This dinner is being catered by the Black Bear Diner

                                     ...  in their commercial Kitchen

             Vacation begins Monday, November                           23rd, school resumes Monday, November 30th


November 18, 2020

Dear Parents,

                As I mentioned in a Remind Text on Monday, Siskiyou County has had a spike in COVID cases. We jumped from Tier 3 (Orange) to the most restrictive Tier 1 (Purple). As I told everyone at the start of this year, our number one goal is to stay healthy and have your kids at school EVERY day this year. To do so, we must stick to the guidelines that allowed us to reopen in the first place;

  • If your child is sick, PLEASE keep them at home. Parents have been VERY cooperative with this request so far, thank you.
  • Please send lunches in a paper bag. If you need bags let me know, I have a bunch!
  • Emphasize with your kids that wearing a mask, washing hands, social distancing and avoiding gatherings is why we get to keep our school open.
  • Be very cautious with travel out of our area and when others from outside our area travel to see us. Family exposure is still the number one reason for COVID spread.

          Please remember that because of our small size, one COVID case exposure would shut our whole school down. Now that we are in Tier 1, if we shut down, we cannot reopen until the whole county moves up a tier for two straight weeks. That could take months. This comes directly from state guidelines. We all remember what it was like to home school last year, let’s not go back.

   With all that said…Have a very SAFE & HAPPY Thanksgiving!



Todd Clark - Superintendent

Todd Clark

Todd Clark – Superintendent

Little Shasta Elementary School



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