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Little Shasta Elementary

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Little Shasta Elementary School

Todd Clark – Superintendent / Title IX Coordinator 

                   Little Shasta Elementary School - Est 1858

                           8409 Lower Little Shasta Rd. – Montague, Ca, 96064


                      January, 2021

       I know many were glad to see the close of the 2020 year as it wrought many changes to our lifestyle as well as fundamental needs. One of those needs was to have our kids in school. Moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, brothers and sisters all became teachers and remembered why they had not gone in to that profession. Looking on the bright side of things, I think we all had a renewed sense of appreciation for our teachers!

          When the Coronavirus first began to surge in our country, I know we all panicked a bit as there were so many unknowns and this is still the case. We have learned a lot as well and through careful planning, we at Little Shasta were able to create a reopening plan that met all the requirements of the Federal CDC, the California Department of Public Health and the local Health Department. This plan was not completely popular but I must thank all of our families for your cooperation. You have been extremely supportive!

          As we pass over 80 plus days in school without a single shut down, I want to congratulate all of us! Our School Board, Damen Barber, Heidi Martin and Kellen Martin have been fantastic. We have been diligent and vigilant and maybe most of all lucky. But as I tell my staff, this is no time to back down. We are in the middle of a huge spike in our state and in our region. We must all stick to the plan with the goal of making it to the 180th day of school.

          Governor Newsome just announced a plan to reopen schools. Most of the schools in our state have never reopened since last March! I don’t want to sound boastful; I am just proud of our collective efforts to keep our school open. I hope this provides encouragement to stay the course.

          We have been notified that Siskiyou County educators may begin receiving the vaccine as early as the end of January. This is a hopeful sign that I believe will contribute to a longer school year. So as we plow through winter, I pray for the health and well being of all our students, staff and families. Take care and be well!


Todd Clark

Todd Clark – Superintendent

Little Shasta Elementary School


  • If you or someone in your family is exposed to someone with COVID or if any family member is sick with COVID like symptoms -  please keep your child at home and let us know. Your child should not return to school until 14 days after the onset of symptoms. I know that may sound harsh but as everyone is aware,  even one case at this point could shut us down for months. We are always ready to assist with Independent Study.
  • I wanted to make you aware of some up-coming dates.
  • Monday, Feb 15              Lincoln's Birthday
  • Monday, Feb 22              President's Birthdays


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